In Situ

Chromasonic – Field Study, 2022. Photo: JG Studio

Chromasonic – Field Study, is an experimental installation now on view at The Lab at Compound, a new cultural complex in Long Beach, CA dedicated to the intersection of art and community engagement to promote connectivity and belonging. The installation, which algorithmically connects light and sound frequencies, serves as a study for the development of Chromasonic – Sensory Field.

Chromasonic creates large-scale, polysensory installations to explore non-ordinary states of consciousness through the development of organic technologies that harmonize light and sound frequencies in immersive communal environments.

Chromasonic believes in the potential of the arts as a catalyst to harmonize mind and body and is building a network of temporary and permanent sites to support a sensory practice for wellbeing.

Field Study will be on view through June 2022, and serve as a site for Chromasonic to experiment with various sequences.

For more information visit Compound and Chromasonic.