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Metaspace V3
Installation view of Metaspace V3, Lévy Gorvy, London, UK, 2018
14’ L x 9’ W x 9’H (425cm L x 275cm W x 275cm H)
Raw aluminum, fiberglass, resin, LEDs, wood, sensors with Spectro-Sonic Refrequencer

Image courtesy of Lévy Gorvy

Metaspace V3 (2013/2018) is an immersive colour-soundscape built from raw aluminium, with embedded sensors inside. Blurring the boundaries between art and architecture, this software-driven installation evolves according to the movements of participants, converting matter into light and light into sound. Inside the pod, visitors experience a borderless space filled with pure colour, that cycles through the spectrum at different speeds, converting light into ambient sound through sensors in the ceiling; outside the pod a pixelated surveillance video projects the synced colour changes onto the gallery wall. Whilst the artist James Turrell famously encapsulated the intentions of the California Light and Space movement by declaring, ‘I want you to sense yourself sensing. To see yourself seeing. To be aware of how you are forming the reality you see’, Girardoni pushes this enquiry further, by fitting his installations with artificial sensory mechanisms—Spectro-Sonic Refrequencers (SSR)—so that the environment is also sensing the participant. A virtual feedback loop is created between artwork and viewer, connecting natural and artificial phenomena.