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    • Peak Light Extractor – Blue/Violet
      • Resin, pigment, LEDs, aluminum and enamel
      • Dimensions variable
      • 2012

Girardoni’s light sculptures, referred to as “Peak Light Extractors” or “Refrequencers,” are a convergence of light and material, re-articulated into different physical forms. Made of cast-resin pieces back-lit with laser-engraved LED panels, these works appear to shift in color depending on the current light situation and the position and movement of the viewer. In “Peak Light Extractors," Girardoni measures and isolates the highest intensity light frequencies coming through the resin, which provide the analogous color information of the loosely articulated paint of the constructed plywood panels. "Refrequencers" use sensors to capture the light waveforms emanating from the resin, and digitally convert the light information into a sound vibration, making light audible.