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Resonant - Red Violet

Resin, pigment, virtual Spectro-Sonic refrequencer
20x 20 x 3.5 in

Metaspace V2is a monumental sculpture in which visitors enter and participate in an immersive color-soundscape based on the frequencies captured by embedded sensors. The sensors respond to the presence of bodies, creating a feedback loop between visitor and work as the environment continually evolves. A raw aluminum shell provides the framework for the sculpture’s seamless interior, the curvilinear form scattering the colored light inside. Girardoni’s Spectro-Sonic Refrequencers convert the light waves projected through a resin lens at the top of the sculpture into sound vibrations that shift as the light conditions change, which is also effected by movement within the space. Metaspace V2is a space about space. It challenges our understanding of space and perception, questioning the border between the organic and the artificial in our increasingly technological existence. Girardoni was driven to rigorously investigate these ideas in his work after traveling to West Africa. The following is an excerpt from the artist’s essay in the recently published Time Space Existence, from GAAP/Cornerhouse Books.