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Spectral Bridge

Resin, pigment, virtual Spectro-Sonic refrequencer
50 x 50 x 3.5 in

A unique collaboration between artist Johannes Girardoni and architect Takashi Yanai, FAIA, partner of EYRC, this house could be called “a vessel for living and art.” Girardoni creates site-specific projects that explore connections between art, design, technology and architecture.  For this site, a narrow lot in an eclectic urban neighborhood about a mile from the beach, Girardoni and Yanai worked together to create a spatial design for a home that would also be an immersive art experience.  Girardoni and Yanai collaborated to integrate art and architecture by creating three two-story living blocks.  Their monolithic shapes are disrupted by irregular angles emanating from the seven degree rotated axes of the central structure, and are sensitively scaled to surrounding houses.  Lined up in a row, the living areas open to discrete outdoor planes, forming multiple decks, and an inner pool court.  A roof deck above the central volume provides another layer of outdoor space and views out over the neighborhood.

The three structures are connected by Girardoni’s artwork “Spectral Bridge,” which links the first two buildings by a bridge within a glass atrium, and the rear two structures by an exterior bridge. “Spectral Bridge” runs on a program timed to the sunrise and sunset, slowly shifting through color sequences based on a year-long evolution of the spectrum.  Family and visitors experience it from the inside as a series of spaces defined by lines of light, volumes of color and ambient sound.  Viewed from the outside, the bridge reads as a glowing physical volume, a light sculpture that unifies the architecture.  

Interior living spaces include an “art lounge” for colored light and sound immersions between the bridges, flanked by separate bedroom wings. The lower level exterior is shou sugi ban (charred wood cladding), a technique from 18th century Japan, which is pulled into the interior spaces from the outside, anchoring the floor with a grounding materiality.  Moving upstairs, the upper volumes are expressed in specially formulated calcium based plaster, which captures the subtle interplay of light from both nature and Spectral Bridge.