Thought Experiments

reVIBRATION No. 01 (rV01), 2004 – Study

reVIBRATION No. 01 is conceived as a room-size sculptural installation comprised of a field of repeating cylindrical elements, suspended in a grid pattern in which sensors capture the light of this environment and all of its contents (including visitors) and software converts the light into sound. This sound, a vibration, is projected back into the space, yielding a re-presented equivalent of the 3-dimensional space in real time.


Works in Process

Full-scale study of node for Chromasonic – Sensory Field, 2021


Johannes Girardoni with architect Takashi Yanai (l) and SF MoMA curator Joseph Becker (r)

Johannes Girardoni & Takashi Yanai lecture on Art + Architecture

On January 31, at The Battery in San Francisco, Takashi Yanai joined Johannes Girardoni, noted artist and collaborator of EYRC, and Joseph Becker, Architecture+Design Curator at SF MoMA, for a conversation about the integration of art and architecture. The trio discussed inspirations for their own works, as well as the Spectral Bridge House, a recent project by EYRC and Girardoni, blurring the lines of art and architecture.

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