‘Spectral Time’, 2022, the present

The experiential work on this screen, a dedicated web project, expresses time as a progression of color. ‘Spectral Time’ disconnects from a temporal experience tethered to observing seconds, minutes, and hours. Instead, ‘Spectral Time’ gradates through the visible spectrum over the entire day, starting and ending in red at midnight.

To enter the site, navigate towards the center of the screen.

Works in Process

Study for Chromasone – 01AP, 2021

Thought Experiments

reVIBRATION No. 01 (rV01), 2004 – Study

reVIBRATION No. 01 is conceived as a room-size sculptural installation comprised of a field of repeating cylindrical elements, suspended in a grid pattern in which sensors capture the light of this environment and all of its contents (including visitors) and software converts the light into sound. This sound, a vibration, is projected back into the space, yielding a re-presented equivalent of the 3-dimensional space in real time.


Works in Process

Full-scale study of node for Chromasonic – Sensory Field, 2021


Johannes Girardoni with architect Takashi Yanai (l) and SF MoMA curator Joseph Becker (r)

Johannes Girardoni & Takashi Yanai lecture on Art + Architecture

On January 31, at The Battery in San Francisco, Takashi Yanai joined Johannes Girardoni, noted artist and collaborator of EYRC, and Joseph Becker, Architecture+Design Curator at SF MoMA, for a conversation about the integration of art and architecture. The trio discussed inspirations for their own works, as well as the Spectral Bridge House, a recent project by EYRC and Girardoni, blurring the lines of art and architecture.

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