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Chromasonic Field – Blue Green
Pigment, LEDs, Aluminum and Sensors with Spectro-Sonic Refrequencer
Dimensions variable.  
93 x 4 x 3 inches ea. element.

Chromasonic Field–Blue/Green is an interactive installation that explores the convergence of physical material and light by rearticulating light as sound through Spectro-Sonic refrequencing. The installation’s architecture questions the limits of perception and activates the border area of natural phenomena and digital systems. A series of semi-translucent, blue/green cast resin bars are installed in divergent angulations in a space. These elements project artificial light out into the space, while letting natural light flow in. Natural and artificial light merge inside the resin bars, and appear to subtly shift in color and luminosity depending on the viewer’s position within the space. During bright daylight, the resin seems to suspend natural and artificial light within the material, containing all the blue light inside the bars; in low light situations, the bars pale, and a saturated blue-green ambient glow emerges from the resin and fills the space. Sensors, calibrated to measure both the color frequencies emanating from the resin and the daylight frequencies in the space, drive a tone generator which converts the frequencies of light into frequencies of sound, making light audible. The sensors also register the presence viewers moving through the space, which additionally modulates the sound. In this set-up, virtual and physical information are processed by both the viewer and the work, blurring the boundary between phenomenological and virtual events.