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Chro­ma­sonic Field–Blue/​​Green is an in­ter­ac­tive in­stal­la­tion that ex­plores the con­ver­gence of phys­i­cal ma­te­r­ial and light by reartic­u­lat­ing light as sound through Spec­tro-Sonic Re­fre­quenc­ing. The in­stal­la­tion’s ar­chi­tec­ture ques­tions the lim­its of per­cep­tion and ac­ti­vates the bor­der area of nat­ural phe­nom­ena and dig­i­tal sys­tems. A se­ries of semi-translu­cent, blue/​​green cast resin bars are in­stalled in di­ver­gent an­gu­la­tions in a space. These el­e­ments pro­ject ar­ti­fi­cial light out into the space, while let­ting nat­ural light flow in. Nat­ural and ar­ti­fi­cial light merge in­side the resin bars, and ap­pear to sub­tly shift in color and lu­mi­nos­ity de­pend­ing on the view­er’s po­si­tion within the space. Dur­ing bright day­light, the resin seems to sus­pend nat­ural and ar­ti­fi­cial light within the ma­te­r­ial, con­tain­ing all the blue light in­side the bars; in low light sit­u­a­tions, the bars pale, and a sat­u­rated blue-green am­bi­ent glow emerges from the resin and fills the space. Sen­sors, cal­i­brated to mea­sure both the color fre­quen­cies em­a­nat­ing from the resin and the day­light fre­quen­cies in the space, drive a tone gen­er­a­tor which con­verts the fre­quen­cies of light into fre­quen­cies of sound, mak­ing light au­di­ble. The sen­sors also reg­is­ter the pres­ence view­ers mov­ing through the space, which ad­di­tion­ally mod­u­lates the sound. In this set-up, vir­tual and phys­i­cal in­for­ma­tion are processed by both the viewer and the work, blur­ring the bound­ary be­tween phe­nom­e­no­log­i­cal and vir­tual events.