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Spectral Bridge is an immersive light and sound installation that forms the spine of Spectral Bridge House. Cast resin elements fully frame the entry points to each structure and illuminate the entire installation. In the central space, the entry and exit points are connected by lines of light in the ceiling and floor, drawing a visual connection of the two adjacent bridges into the physical space of the Spectral Bridge Lounge. The installation runs on a program timed to sunrise and sunset, shifting through a single color sequence each day, based on a year-long evolution of the spectrum. During the daytime, the resin elements framing the four doorways contain then light emanating from the installation. As day gives way to night, the elements release light and fill the entire space with an ambient glow.

At dawn, Spectral Bridge begins its daily sequence. The sculpture moves into a slowly evolving light program that starts an hour before sunrise. Natural light from the environment mixes with Spectral Bridge’s slowly evolving light sequence, continually rendering the experience of the space, architecture, and site organically new. Motion data captured by the artwork’s sensors in the bridge additionally affect its behavior, creating another way viewers experience the site. In this way, the sculpture never appears the same, and the architecture shifts with data collected by the artwork’s sensors.

As natural light gives way to night, the soft ambient light of Spectral Bridge first appears as a gentle light curtain that mixes natural and artificial light. Then, when darkness falls, the installation transforms into an opaque color structure – a physical volume of light – that connects the three buildings. During this state, the bridge visually completely separates the interior from the exterior, creating a piece that is public on the outside and private on the inside.