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Metaspace V2 is an interactive sculpture that converts light frequencies to sound, making light audible through Spectro-Sonic re-frequencing. A raw aluminum shell provides the framework for the sculpture’s seamless elliptical interior skin. The sculpture is entered through a low and narrow opening. Inside, the space expands into an immersive light and sound environment that continuously evolves. Monochromatic LED light is projected into the space through a resin lens at the top of the sculpture. The curvilinear geometry of the work scatters the colored light inside, in effect dematerializing physical boundaries and creating a pure color space. Sensors measure the light frequencies of the specific color and drive tone generators that convert the frequencies of light into frequencies of sound. The visceral sound vibration shifts and modulates as the light condition changes. The sensors also register the presence of visitors’ movement in the space, which changes the progression and speed of the color sequence and hence the sound. Virtual and physical information is processed both by the viewer and the installation, creating a feedback loop between the two. Natural and virtual structures, layered on top of one another, create a multi-sensory, immersive environment of phenomenological events and digital systems. Matter becomes light and light becomes sound. At the core of this setting, Metaspace V2 explores the porosity between the border of natural and artificial phenomena.