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HEHEHEMetaspace V3 OLDis an interactive immersive light-soundscape that connects natural and artificial perception. Inside the sculpture, light projects through a resin lens, and casts saturated color sequences onto the sculpture’s seamless interior skin. This appears to the human eye as an endless color void. Viewers in the sculpture, however, are not just physically part of its environment. They are digitally quantified by embedded sensors that capture an array of information, including light frequency, live video, and motion tracking data. Processors merge these constantly changing data points with algorithms that map the visible spectrum to the audible spectrum. The digitized light information is converted to sound in real time through a form of reality augmentation the artist calls Spectro-Sonic Refrequencing (SSR), which makes light audible. Viewers experience the full color-space immersion with their eyes; but they also hear light. They feel sound vibrations, which are a digitally mapped version of themselves within the space. All this happens while Metaspace V3’s own sensory apparatus reacts to its participants’ actions with changes in hue, luminosity, and the speed of color shifts. The behavior of the sculpture is affected by what it sees, and viewers react to the sculpture reacting to them. This creates a virtual feedback loop between the art and its participants, blurring subject and object, as both continually process and respond to each other’s virtual and physical information. Girardoni’s architecture of both natural and virtual structures, layered on top of one another, creates a multi-sensory, immersive environment of phenomenological events and digital systems. Matter becomes light and light becomes sound. Ultimately, in the heart of this setting, Metaspace V3 questions the border between natural and artificial phenomena.